RailsyUK Branding & Website

Rebrand & website design/build for RailsyUK.

Combining motion with the the tracks from the rail industry.

After designing the business cards, I was able to generate a unique and personalised business card for each and every member of the staff using Adobe Indesign data merge. This ensured that all staff had their own, distinct business card that accurately represented their role within the company and made a positive impact on potential clients and partners. 

The data merge technique allowed me to streamline the production process, enabling me to create multiple business cards in a fraction of the time it would have taken through manual means.

The aim of the website was to provide a simple and straightforward way for users to view courses, with all the relevant information readily available. One crucial aspect of the website's design was to ensure that the "apply now" button on each course page would automatically select the desired course location, this therefore facilitated the process of booking a course for each user and making it easier for the acquisition team to handle.

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