eCommerce Development

Head of Design & Front-End Development at Techquity, experienced UX/UI designer and developer based in the North East of England.

eCommerce Experience Where It Counts

With experience in both eCommerce design and eCommerce website development working as Head of Design & Front-End Development at an eCommerce agency. 

I'm able to offer a solution to design & build your eCommerce store from start to finish without having to get additional agencies or freelancers adding additional costs involved.

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The eCommerce Solution to Suit your Needs

You know what's right for your business and my role is to help you to achieve the goals that you've set out. With advice on features to help you increase conversions and average order value in your store and supporting you after the website development project is completed.

With extensive experience in crafting online experiences at an affordable rate for clients and agencies across the UK. With the ability to work as an extension of your team or build the site solo able to adapt to any eCommerce¬†platform.

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